Midnighter: Out – Steve Orlando

midnighter-outSo they have exhumed and flogged Midnighter once again have they? Midnighter was originally the comedic muscle part of the Authority and wasn’t really designed for a solo role. There have been some notable successes (Garth Ennis & Brian K Vaughan) but as a Batman clone/ parody he is hard to get right.

Orlando seems to give it his best shot. With unusual confidence this is a seven issue series that allows the story – simple as it is – more time to breathe and to re-establish what Midnighter is all about. Which is sex and punching people.

Time is given to establish what has come before and most importantly what happened with Apollo (Midnighter’s greatest love interest). It also links up with a Grayson book, as in Dick Grayson of Batman (how ironic). The narrative loves its flashbacks and cutaways it seems to be composed more of individual scenes in a flick book that rush past you.

The art is that chaotic ramble you might see in a teen superhero book. It definitely tells you it is trying hard, and probably too hard. It does attempt to give the illusion that you are seeing Midnighter’s computer brain process a million things at once. But it’s not enough to distract from the story and can feel a little too garish.

Thumbs Up!

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