We Stand On Guard – Brian K. Vaughan

we-stand-on-guardThis is a bold and provocative piece about a future invasion of Canada by the USA. Vaughan pulls no punches in exposing America’s dirty laundry, even attacking their comic books. You can see why people got a bit annoyed.

With the politics and real world analogy, plus obscure historical/ Canadian references, in the foreground this doesn’t give a lot of time for characterisation and worldbuilding. The pacing is snappy and there are some wonderful scene changes but it is all over much too soon. We want to know more – but possibly to distract us from the hefty dose of “wake-up” Vaughn is shaming our conscience with.

The art, from acclaimed storyboard artist Steve Skroce, is excellent. It is mostly square panels but there are plenty of splash pages to make bold statements. The colouring is gorgeous and emotively intelligent too.

This is an oversized hardcover that makes a big difference to the reading/ viewing experience. There are quite a few pages of initial sketches but no form of commentary, which for a book like this would be welcome.

Definitely a Double Thumbs Up!

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