Shuddertown – Nick Spencer

shuddertownMorning Glories was quite an obscure book but this goes off the scale. Designed to be a noir mystery from the start, the fact that only four out of the five issues were published means you will never find out what it was all about. It seems a bit of a cheek for Image to go ahead and print an incomplete story, particularly as a hardback.

It does capture that shady (police) detective genre with first person narration and a cast of suspicious characters. The mystery could be supernatural or could be a conspiracy, you aren’t sure. Our protagonist is believable and you do want to know what is going on.

The art is extremely bold. It does look rotoscoped and Adam Geen has come under a lot of criticism online for allegedly lifting images from TV and film. The abstract nature of the style and the weird textures of the background actually illustrates the hero’s disturbed and confused state of mind perfectly. They also suitably obscure the sex and drug use scenes.

As it is incomplete I can’t give it anything other than a Thumbs Down.

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