Crossed Volume 15 – Mike Wolfer

crossed-15Horror comics veteran Wolfer both writes and draws this volume.

There is a lot of T&A and full nudity and it can be easy to write this off as bait for the immature. But as you read on you realise that some characters are weaponising sexuality to gain an advantage. The whole story is about manipulation and you are soon hooked by an intriguing and realistic power struggle between survivors.

The art is good. The faces are distinctive but not particularly expressive. Gore fans have been increasingly underserved over the years as the Crossed have been relegated to mere plot device or pathetic fallacy. If you like your genital mutilation close up this book is the most eyebrow raising since the dolphin blowhole incident.

It has a shaky start as you aren’t sure if the sex is just for juvenile marketing but you quickly realise this is a mature story with a dark undercurrent. The Crossed are vocal and lucid which is how Ennis originally designed them but not something we have seen in a while. The inclusion of “zombie” discussions is kind of a bump against the fourth wall and a bit postmodern but definitely a strong idea.

Thumbs Up!

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