Crossed Volume 16 – Max Bemis

crossed-16We have a four issue and a two issue story by Crossed new arrival Max Bemis.

The longer one examines the relationship between two brothers. You figure there is a twist coming but it keeps you on your toes. The art is the usual high-gloss affair typical of the franchise.

The shorter one takes place in a comic book store and features a comic within a comic. You get the feeling the subtext of the first tale is for the more academically inclined and the subtext in this (note the shorter length) is for the YouTube generation. Whilst more in your face its message is more forgettable sadly. The art, despite being by returning artist Erramousepe, looks more casual. You also have another artist to do the comic within a comic which is neat.

Bemis seems to be highlighting the treatment of women in these stories, both in comics and life. The Crossed universe might not be the best place for that or it might be the perfect place for it. Either way the shorter format doesn’t do him any favours as it’s easy to miss the social commentary in the rapid delivery. Having both stories the same length might have improved them both.

Thumbs Up! I guess.

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