Trees: Volume Two – Warren Ellis

Thank heavens for another instalment of this excellent sci-fi series. As this is only six issues we didn’t have quite so long to wait.

With many of the characters from the last volume dead we focus on two survivors. Our botanist spends most of her time in Britain and we get to see a little more about how the UK has both changed and stayed the same. Our other lead is in NYC and his mayoral bid reminds us satisfyingly of Ex Machina by Brian K. Vaughan.

Visually and narratively this an excellent work with Ellis not afraid to cut between storylines for just a single panel or have several mute pages. Graphically the shabby chic visuals do a wonderful job of portraying a world fraying around the edges.

The book ends in an excellent place and neatly answering some questions setting the stage for volume three.

Double Thumbs Up!!

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