The Walking Dead 27: The Whisperer War – Robert Kirkman

This is another action volume as you can probably tell by the title. It is a good job Kirkman is good at action as this now makes up almost 50% of the content. The series is now less zombie apocalypse than war movie. But we don’t mind.

Even though a hell for leather extended battle scene would be enough for most authors there is a lot of stuff going on in the background. Seeds are being sown for the future. A lot of them. Kirkman isn’t just using this engagement to take a break to search for new ideas. He is piling on plot after plot like there is no tomorrow. Making the end of the Whisperer war look even more dangerous than the thick of it.

This book contains a lot more blank backgrounds and tiny panels than usual. Which is handy for keeping the pace up and dealing with dozens of characters split up in various locations. There are less cliff-hangers and splash pages but still a few tense page turns.

The pinnacle of Thumbs Up!

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