Runaways 1: Pride & Joy – Brian K. Vaughan

So Brian K. Vaughan is writing Young Adult fiction set in the Marvel Universe? And it turns out he is actually rather good at it. It is paced fast enough for teenagers not to get bored but is light enough on the snarky pop culture references to be readable by anyone. As everyone was a child with weird parents once this certainly counts one of literature’s universal themes.

The art is great with plenty of youthful energy. The faces are dynamic and expressive. There is a large cast of characters but the depictions are diverse enough amongst the kids that you can pick up on who’s who. Even in digest version things don’t feel cramped. But the huge number of interior scenes and printing on matt paper stock means that the colours do feel very heavy and subdued.

With an original idea, some relatable themes and a strong ending you can easily grab part two and keep going.

Thumbs Up!

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