Runaways 2: Teenage Wasteland – Brian K. Vaughan

It’s going to be a bumpy ride. This volume introduces us to a pair of ideas that better not become trends. The first is the ‘monster of the week.’ Running away from your parents is clearly not exciting enough for the teenage reader so you need a visit from another antagonist. To be fair this one is quite unexpected and not outside of possibility for a group composed of mutants, aliens and time-travellers.

The next is the cameo. We have a one issue visit from D list heroes who may be imposed by an editor, beloved by Vaughn or simply to be the punchline for a single fourth wall break. It’s not clear and not necessary.

Otherwise the book is good with strong characters showing believable emotions. The art is great with confident layouts and as much colour as the matt paper will show off.

Thumbs Up!

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