Runaways 4: True Believers – Brian K. Vaughan

Given how definitively the story ended in the last volume where do you go from here? Well you keep the team and have them help the children of other supervillains. Which means you can squeeze in more cameos!

This starts off well, is strong in terms of narrative and begins exploring some exciting themes of the toll being a young superhero (like a child actor) takes on someone. There are some nice hidden secrets that have you wanting more and then OMG what a twist. This is all great until the twist has a twist and you have five pages of talking heads to explain it all. It’s like Vaughan stepped out for coffee and the work experience kid finished off the book.
A real shame.

The art is good but a lot more muted and murky than the last volume sadly. Whatever they were doing that was good in the last book has now stopped. Although 50% of the book is at night or underground.

Thumbs Up!

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