Habitat – Simon Roy

A future space faring society is reduced to Dark Age tribalism amidst the ruins of their technology. Not a unique idea but executed perfectly. Within just a few pages you have totally bought into the world and are excitedly putting together the copious clues you are given.

There is not a great deal of characterisation. The protagonists just move the plot and the exploration forward. The joy comes in trying to work out where these people came from and what launched them down this descending path.

This is the beautiful vision hand-crafted by a single creator. Nothing looks digital. Even the lettering is handwritten which is certainly unique for a modern book. Everything has such an organic feel as if the world you are peering into has been growing for years. The frames and borders also look as if they were drawn free-hand. They are mostly rectangular or square but the sizes keep changing like a mosaic of visual narrative.

It does have an ending although not a mighty crescendo typical of modern tales. The lack of depth to the characters means they don’t really have an emotional arc more an exploratory one. There could be room for a sequel but it is not needed.

For the effort and vision and the hard work that delivered it this gets a Double Thumbs Up!!

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