The Walking Dead 28: A Certain Doom – Robert Kirkman

This volume feels thicker. Side by side with the last one it looks thicker, but it still has the regular six issues. Despite the size it flies by as the Whisper War concludes and a tragedy happens. A real tragedy. Spoiler warning!

People die all the time and you have stopped learning the names of the minor characters as you know they won’t be around long. In this world it is hard to make death shocking, meaningful, and impactful. Kirkman finds a way and bravely reinforces the core maxim of The Walking Dead, that no one, literally no one, is safe.

The art is great and you would think after so many books that this straight edge panel format would become formulaic. But there are lots of exciting, emotional close-ups, clever perspectives and a very fluid panel count changing the pacing of each page where necessary.

Thumbs Up!

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