Sex Criminals Volume Four: Fourgy – Matt Fraction

This is another terrific volume in the series that never disappoints. The reason for this is because it is a comic for grownups. Something that isn’t simply there to pass the time but to get you to think or relive real emotions and personal questions.

The original premise, the unpredictable plot, the myriad hidden details and the Sex Ed all combine to keep you hooked. Although it is the characters and their relatable stories and experiences and feelings that you can truly empathise with. Life isn’t simple or simplistic and this series reminds you of that.

The art is great and does so much more than just look pretty, very, very pretty. The colour coded backgrounds, the visual gags, the abstracted timeline, the use of space, and in this volume the genius idea of the lettering actually interacting with the real world are all masterstrokes.

This title really shows just what the comics medium can do both visually and emotionally.

Double Thumbs Up!!

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