Storm: The Pirates of Pandarve – Martin Lodewijk

This is a Titan Books republishing of the Dutch sci-fi title Storm. It is labelled book two but does not follow directly on from book one, which itself was not the start of the series. This book is the first of the 20 part Chronicles of Pandarve cycle and it is unclear if Titan actually published all of it, so you may get a nasty shock if you were planning on making it all the way through.

While the simple storytelling may hark back to when readers were less sophisticated and it can be quite nostalgic you may get bored of this quickly. There isn’t any character development or hard sci-fi concepts and it doesn’t have the charm of a proper pulp or noir piece.

The art is a full colour spectacular and testament to what British legend Don Lawrence can do with pencils and hundreds of hours of hard graft.

For the art and the nostalgia, Thumbs Up!

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