New X-Men Volume Two: Imperial – Grant Morrison

This is the second part of Grant Morrison’s famous run on the X-Men. It is twice as long as the first part at eight issues so is definitely value for money and ends at a natural break point.

The art is good but previous penciller Frank Quietly gets precious few pages as four other artists are rotated in and out. This means there is precious little consistency and the widescreen aesthetic is definitely gone. But each new artist is really creative and inventive in their own way with plenty of exciting, dynamic layouts and inserts. The star of the show is issue 121 which is an entirely mute trip into Professor X’s subconscious. There is literally no lettering. For a mainstream title this is brave stuff and closer to Morrison’s usual fare.

This is a big dumb space-romp with a huge villainous plan at its centre but it is very entertaining.

Thumbs Up!

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