New X-Men Volume Four: Riot at Xavier’s – Grant Morrison

These five issues switch to the students of Xavier’s school for the gifted. In a mix of teenage growing pains and an allegory for the rise of fascism (and its use of fashion) it goes back to the core of the X-Men – being different.

Since time immemorial angry youth has rebelled at the way the world is and what the grown-ups have done to it. And in the wake of Genosha young mutants have a lot to be pissed-off over.

All these new-ish characters and this whole storyline could easily have had their own spin-off book. And with their new uniforms, team name and symbol this could be a tester for such. But they are asking important questions in a way that only the young can and so are connected to Morrison’s “NEW” X-Men ideas.

The art is more consistent than the last eclectic volume with Quietly, or those able to match his style closely, in charge. The realistic technicolour is perfect for a youthful modernist storyline.

Thumbs Up!

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