New X-Men Volume Five: Assault on Weapon Plus – Grant Morrison

This is a seven issue collection beginning with the three chapters of Murder at the Mansion which is one of the finest parts of Morrison’s run. It is that most classic of genres the whodunit. And more importantly the whydunit. Like the “Who Shot JR” of the 1980’s (or who shot Mr Burns from the Simpsons if you are a younger reader) this is a gripping and thrilling tale following on from a tragic love triangle with some messed up participants.

Phil Jimenez does most of the art and does a great job. It is mostly traditional square panels but he isn’t afraid to mix it up at appropriate points rather than being flashy for his own sake.

The slightly longer Assault on Weapon Plus ends the book as we hook up with Fantomex once again and dive into this perennial favourite (Weapon X). It is quite action packed but the book ends before the plot does.

Chris Bachalo is on art duties and his style is all his own. His work is incredibly busy and he seems to be on a quest to make every page unique, channelling MC Esher to lay out his panels. He isn’t afraid to use 12 panels per page or circular borders or anything that comes into his head. It’s kind of like it’s his last day at work and he goes crazy. There is some sumptuous colour at the beginning with an orange and black palette that has the majesty of an open fire and really exudes human warmth and passion.

Thumbs Up!

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