New X-Men Volume Six: Planet X – Grant Morrison

This book immediately picks up from the last as we are in the middle of the Weapon Plus storyline.

The art switches to series regular Phil Jimenez, probably because we need a lie down after the frenetic style of Chris Bachalo.

It is a seven issue book containing a single storyline that is the next chapter in a story that has been running for more than two years. Unfortunately the massive reveal of everyone’s favourite Bond villain is pre-emptively revealed by the cover. It is interesting to see what Morrison could do with such a beloved and ancient adversary. But is unfortunately disappointing as the man behind the curtain is more Dr. Evil than genuine threat. There are some interesting ideas at work meditating on how the world has changed and how world domination isn’t what it was when the X-Men debuted in the 1960’s. But ultimately this is overshadowed by another rug-pull that happens on the last few pages. One we have also seen before.

Thumbs Up!

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