New X-Men Volume Seven: Here Comes Tomorrow – Grant Morrison

These four issues are the final part of Grant Morrison’s three year run revitalising the X-Men. It is definitely an epilogue and not essential reading. Either knowing he had issues to fill or a replacement in the wings triggers him to go crazy. Setting things 150 years in the future grants him licence to destroy the entire world in a gibber of psychobabble. And he has an entity powerful enough to clear up the mess when he is done.

The art is delivered by Marc Silvestri who does a grand job keeping up with Morrison’s off-the-wall antics. His lines are far more rustic than the clean realism we have seen in many previous books. This is great for conveying a future that is coming unravelled. The colouring is particularly bold and primal signifying a sun setting on the universe.

Thumbs Up!

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