New X-Men Ultimate Collection: Volume 2 – Grant Morrison

This is the awkward middle volume of the ultimate collection trilogy with the relatively humdrum New Worlds (weapon XII) ramble and the energetic Riot at Xavier’s. As it is 12 issues it just squeezes in Murder at the Mansion too which is actually one of the finest stories in this arc.

With so many artists working on this book it has a real potpourri of styles, particularly during the first half. This eventually settles down into a house style of traditional technicolour realism thanks to Frank Quietly’s direction.

This is definitely a money saving volume – although at $35 USD even this is debatable. There are no frills and this has the least extras of all three volumes. There are only five unused/ alternate covers. The cover and pages themselves are very thin and will definitely show wear after multiple readings. And at 360 pages this is only a TBP and a half. But if you can find it in a sale then go for it.

Thumbs Up!

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