Here we are… Again :)

Hello and welcome to another year where I try, and usually fail, to read 365 graphic novels in 52 weeks. I don’t generally do a lot of chit-chatting but feel free to ask questions or write comments on the posts. Or don’t. I am very happy with silent readers.


…and thanks for all the fish

Well last year I wasn’t successful sadly. It is really hard to read and review a graphic novel each day without fail. Not to mention bloody expensive too. I got through most of the year and as you saw I was going in and filling in the gaps. But I have decided to call it a day – for this session – and pick things up next year.

See you soon.

Greetings anonymous internet people.

I don’t generally write editorials here as you aren’t visiting for me but for the books so I will keep it brief.

I just want to say thank you. There are quite a few visitors and plenty of people who “like” my posts. So, thank you. You may think reading graphic novels all year is a great thing and in some ways it is. But having to do it for a deadline and doing so without a break is tougher than you think.

There is also the cost. At an average of £10 per book it is £3,650 per year. It works out to £10 per book as things like the Absolute editions for The Authority were long out of print and over £100 each and the Uber Re-marqued edition was £75.

Finding these books cheaply and then reselling them afterwards to pay for the next lot also takes a lot of time. There are several series such as Wasteland, House of Mystery, Unwritten, etc. that I haven’t started as I am waiting to get the books I am missing at cheaper than retail. You always lose money when reselling graphic novels so I try not to lose that much.

But this isn’t a whinge (believe it or not), or even a plea for cash, this is a thank you. Were it not for the fact that people, from all over the globe, keep looking at what I post every day and liking my posts I would not be able to achieve my one a day mantra. I am sure you have noticed some reviews have arrived a little late in the day.

It saddens me that I can’t check out the blogs and creative endeavours of those who visit me and respond in kind. I would certainly like to but I am barely managing to tread literary water here.

All I can do is say thank you, and be proud of the fact that a new post appears because of your input just as much as mine.


Where it all began…

My graphic novel roots started with borrowing Asterix and Tintin books from the library as a wee nipper. One of my other favourite authors was Raymond Briggs and in particular his Fungus the Bogeyman book. Although less prolific his books withstood being reread endlessly and were packed with all sorts of amazing details, perfect for a hungry child’s mind. Here are some of his books I didn’t read as a child.

One Month On…

Well it has now been a month since I stopped my marathon slog. It feels like much longer. I haven’t read any graphic novels since then. I kind of miss them but not the forced pace of having to read them every day. It was definitely too much of a good thing.

I have a couple of titles (Chew 6 being the next one) to read but am in no rush. I also have some ideas for another year-long read-a-thon for 2014. But we will have to see.
I hope you found the site useful and maybe read something you might not have.

See you… in the future!

Post Mortem

Well thank goodness that’s over! But yet how sad…

They say never turn your hobby into your business and that is kind of what this felt like. Reading graphic novels was great and discovering ones that I never knew about through people’s recommendations was also great. But reading one a day because you have to is not so great. It’s why you end up hating the books you were forced to read at school. I know several times I changed what I promised the previous day to read to something more in keeping with my mood. And no matter how hard you try to build up a couple of volumes in hand, these never last.

I knew early on that I would not be able to fit everything in. A long running series will take up most of a month. Just look at my banner picture. Bomb Queen, House of Mystery, Jack of Fables, Jungle Girl, Red Sonja, Unwritten, etc. But 365 books is still no mean feat. I just wish I could remember them better. If you quizzed me on some of my early books I am sure most of the details have been crushed by those that came after. I should have taken better notes, but I was very conscious that my reviews should contain no spoilers.

So what happens now? Other than longing for a medically induced coma you mean? Well I will keep the site up here for a while. Any ongoing runs (such as Walking Dead, Chew, Fables, and so on) I will read and post. And next year I will think about doing it again. Maybe differently, maybe not.

Welcome to the month twelve roundup. The last one. Ever!

This month there were no Thumbs Down titles.

There were zero No Thumbs titles.

We had twenty three Thumbs Up titles. Less than last month.
Fables (1): Legends in Exile – Bill Willingham
Fables (2): Animal Farm – Bill Willingham
Fables (4): March of the Wooden Soldiers – Bill Willingham
Fables (5): The Mean Seasons – Bill Willingham
Fables (7): Arabian Nights (and Days) – Bill Willingham
Fables (8): Wolves – Bill Willingham
Fables (10): The Good Prince – Bill Willingham
Fables (11): War and Pieces – Bill Willingham
Fables (12): The Dark Ages – Bill Willingham
Fables (13): The Great Fables Crossover – Bill Willingham
Fables (14): Witches – Bill Willingham
Fables (15): Rose Red – Bill Willingham
True Faith – Garth Ennis
Rose – Jeff Smith
100 Bullets: Dirty – Brian Azzarello
100 Bullets: Wilt – Brian Azzarello
The Losers: Ante Up – Andy Diggle
The Losers: Double Down – Andy Diggle
The Losers: Trifecta – Andy Diggle
The Losers: Close Quarters – Andy Diggle
The Losers: Endgame – Andy Diggle
Fables (17): Inherit the Wind – Bill Willingham
Fables (18): Cubs in Toyland – Bill Willingham

This month we had five Double Thumbs Up titles. Less than last month but it was a short month.
Fables (3): Storybook Love – Bill Willingham
Fables (6): Homelands – Bill Willingham
Fables (9): Sons of Empire – Bill Willingham
Fables (16): Super Team – Bill Willingham
V for Vendetta – Alan Moore & David Lloyd

This month was dominated by Fables which has been on my shelf for a while as you can see in the picture. A very good series. As was The Losers.

My star was definitely V for Vendetta. This is the pinnacle of what you can achieve in graphic novels and almost 25 years on it is scarily relevant.

See you next month – Oh no, I won’t! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.


Welcome to the month eleven roundup.

Oh my GOSH!
One month to go.
I have way more books to go than I have time for.
Really great series such as Bomb Queen, Red Sonja, Wasteland, The Authority, Unwritten, The Invisibles, The Losers, Preacher, and tons more.
I guess I will have to come back next year.

Hopefully this month I crossed everything off the Suggest Me list. But if you want to make a plea for something else or even suggest what my very last title should be then speak up!

This month there were no Thumbs Down titles.

There was one No Thumbs title.
The Hobbit – Charles Dixon & Sean Denning

We had twenty two Thumbs Up titles.
FreakAngels Volume Two – Warren Ellis
FreakAngels Volume Three – Warren Ellis
FreakAngels Volume Six – Warren Ellis
Sherlock Holmes: The Trial of Sherlock Holmes – Leah Moore & John Reppion
BONE – Book One: Out from Boneville – Jeff Smith
BONE – Book Two: The Great Cow Race – Jeff Smith
BONE – Book Three: Eyes of the Storm – Jeff Smith
BONE – Book Four: The Dragonslayer – Jeff Smith
BONE – Book Five: Rock Jaw, Master of the Eastern Border – Jeff Smith
BONE – Book Six: Old Man’s Cave – Jeff Smith
BONE – Book Seven: Ghost Circles – Jeff Smith
BONE – Book Eight: Treasure Hunters – Jeff Smith
BONE – Book Nine: Crown of Horns – Jeff Smith
100 Bullets: Split Second Chance – Brian Azzerello
100 Bullets: A Foregone Tomorrow – Brian Azzerello
100 Bullets: The Counterfifth Detective – Brian Azzerello
100 Bullets: Six Feet Under the Gun – Brian Azzarello
100 Bullets: Samurai – Brian Azzarello
100 Bullets: The Hard Way – Brian Azzarello
100 Bullets: Strychnine Lives – Brian Azzarello
100 Bullets: Decayed – Brian Azzarello
100 Bullets: Once Upon a Crime – Brian Azzarello

This month we had eight Double Thumbs Up titles.
FreakAngels Volume One – Warren Ellis
FreakAngels Volume Four – Warren Ellis
FreakAngels Volume Five – Warren Ellis
The Boys: Volume 12 – The Bloody Doors Off – Garth Ennis
Rust 2 – Royden Lepp
Cowboy Ninja Viking – A J Lieberman
100 Bullets: First Shot, Last Call – Brian Azzerello
100 Bullets: Hang Up on the Hang Low – Brian Azzerello

This month saw three highly acclaimed series (I will finish 100 Bullets) I found they all started off strongly but only FreakAngels didn’t run out of steam toward the middle/end.

My star was probably The Boys final volume which was the best book in the series. And the colouring in 100 Bullets too.

See you next month – for the last time ever! Yee haw!