What was this all about?

I read 365 graphic novels in 365 days and posted my feedback on one per day. That was the goal.

Where did the idea come from?

My friend suggested I set myself a challenge to motivate me to read more graphic novels. We went through every permutation from a 24 hour readathon to everything ever published and never stopping. It was going to be 100 in 100 days but taking into account series such as Walking Dead, Preacher, Sandman, etc. those 100 slots soon filled up. So it was decided to give me a year to read 365.

Who chooses them?

Some were titles I have read before and enjoyed, some were things I got free from the library and others are recommended by friends, magazine reviews or people visiting this blog.

I spent a few months putting a bid of 99p on EVERY graphic novel on eBay. There are about 30,000 of them listed at any one time. I won surprisingly few but got some really weird things no one had heard of.

Can I make suggestions?

Absolutely. One of the goals of this project was to discover stuff I would never have known about otherwise. I want to keep discovering now I am not reading to a deadline.

Why now?

Well I had this idea some time ago. I have actually been accumulating graphic novels like canned food for an impending apocalypse. Trust me, no one is more experienced at purchasing them over the internet than I am now. I swear I must have way more than the 365 I planned on getting.

Sadly I never seemed to get around to the making a blog or sorting out a website. All that techy mumbo jumbo was too much for someone who considers light-switches way too digital and futuristic for his liking. Then I met Stan Lee. Yes that Stan Lee. Who, for the record, is the nicest, funniest, warmest, most incredible human being you could ever wish to meet.

That convinced me fate was at work and I should stop procrastinating as you don’t get a handshake from a living legend twice in a lifetime. Plus I now have so many books I can’t actually get to the kitchen and I am rather partial to eating.

Where do you get them?

Well my local library has way more than I thought they would and they are free. Libraries are amazing places and we should all support them as much as we can.

Then it is eBay to pick up second-hand copies. If you just want to read it and pass it on then eBay is a great place. Many of my weird one offs came from there.

Next it is Amazon which seems to be the cheapest online place. They also do a student discount too if you are a student. Their postage is free. Amazon also has a marketplace system where people can sell their copies (both new and used) at a fixed price. Sometimes you find bargains there. You can also sell your copy once you are finished and Amazon has all the product details unlike eBay so listing is quick and easy.

The Book Depository is sometimes cheaper. They have free postage but it seems to take longer than Amazon. Another quirk is that if you order multiple items then they are always packaged separately unlike Amazon’s single box delivery.

We also have Forbidden Planet. Their online prices are the cheapest BUT they charge postage. If you want a single volume then it works out more expensive. If you are ordering a lot their postage is capped at £5.00 so it can work out best.

I have no local independent comic shop I must add. If I did then I should definitely be shopping there. If anyone is certifiable enough to open a comic shop then they deserve your custom and your respect!

Do you get stuff for free?

I have no sponsors or affiliate programs but if you want to send me free stuff then I will certainly consider it. 365 books at £10 each is about 4.6 million pounds so the only way I can afford this is by selling the books after I read them which will probably traumatize me for life.

Where will it all end?

Hopefully with me reading all of them in the time allowed. Preferably enjoying them too and discovering writers and artists that I like and want to read more of. It might spin off into another project or just carry on for subsequent years. As an imaginative chap I might have a go at making a Graphic Novel of my own.

Are you doing it again?

Yep! In March 2015 I started all over again.

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