Suggest Me!

Beloved Reader.

If you want to suggest something for me to read next year then all you have to do is reply on this page here and I will do my best to oblige you.

16 thoughts on “Suggest Me!

    • Well it seems there are four volumes and it has animals as characters in a similar way to Usagi. As it fits right in with what I am reading at the moment I will read it straight after finishing my run on Usagi Yojimbo this month.

      Many thanks Felipe


  1. Is there a simple-to-gather overview of the GNs you have already read?
    I would suggest Bone (9 volumes) or Queen and Country.
    I don´t think Cerebus would fit in this project.

    • Each month I have a roundup of everything I read that month. You can click on the tags to sort items by thumbs up rating or by author. Maybe I should do a big long list.

      It looks like you can get Cerebus in sixteen volumes (ten less than Usagi). But I will order the nine volumes of Bone and have a go with that. Queen and Country sounds interesting. I think I have some Greg Rucka planned for the future.

      Thanks for your suggestion Alex. Bone will be for you.


      • I would heartily endorse Bone. Just to throw out some other suggestions, the Jack Staff books by Paul Grist, Essex County by Jeff Lemire, Mouse Guard by David Petersen and Goliath by Tom Gauld are all favourites of mine.

  2. You referred to Lone Wolf & Cub in one of your Usagi Yojimbo reviews, but have you read the whole 28 volume epic? Koike and Kojima are to Japanese samurai manga what Stan Sakai is to American samurai comics! The story and artwork are so good, even Dark Horse printing the artwork flipped or mirrored couldn’t ruin the pleasure of reading it.

    • Hi Steve thanks for getting in touch. I haven’t read the whole Lone Wolf and Cub and I haven’t read Akira either so I am doing quite poorly on the classics. I am desperately trying to break away from longer series so I can fit in more single issues from less well known authors. I am failing miserably on that score unfortunately.

      Thanks for your comment though!


  3. This one might be a bit tricky since it’s coming out on 23 February, but can I recommend Elemental Micah; Just Exhale? It IS a bit self indulgent since it’s a book I did, but it’s a story I’m proud of too.

  4. I just caught up with your site, was last here in December when you were reading DMZ. Seeing you crossing off series like The Boys, Bone, 100 Bullets and starting with Fables makes me sad you will be done in less than a month.
    But I saw you are looking for a good work to end it with a bang? The best I could think of would be Watchmen. But I doubt you haven´t read that one yet.
    How about Echo from Terry Moore? His Strangers in Paradise is a bit long (106 issues in all), but his follow-up series was only 30 issues, is collected in 6 paperbacks I think with a complete edition out. Some 600 pages, so what? Would be a oneshot ending to the year.
    Have fun and start the second year with Preacher.

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