Geoffrey the Tube Train and the Fat Comedian – Alexi Sayle

“It turned out my rubber plant was in league with Mr Saunders.” This bizarre line and others like it are typical of this surrealist outpouring from the once ubiquitous political comedian Alexi Sayle.

This is definitely a vanity project with a thin storyline acting as a vehicle for some incredibly subtle digs at British society. It’s like the Goons and Pythons meet Raymond Briggs in a pub.

What is quite clever is that the story concerns Alexi writing a children’s book, which appears within the story, and then merges with real life. And the dinosaurs are a nice twist too.

The art is mostly hand drawn watercolours but there are some photographs snuck in along with a collage of photocopied crosswords, sweet wrappers and pages from the Radio Times. The main story narrated by Alexi is hand lettered and the children’s book is typeset. There are also amusing footnotes pasted in.

Other than something to get Alexi Sayle fans for Xmas I am struggling to find a reason this book was ever conceived or published. It does remind you that you can do anything in a graphic novel and that Alexi Sayle was a very witty chap indeed. It also makes a superb palate cleanser after something profound or dark and disturbing. For being different, Thumbs Up!


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