The Tale of One Bad Rat – Bryan Talbot

One Bad Rat
Taking more than four years to write and draw and published twenty years ago this powerfully and terribly relevant story deserves its praise by Neil Gaiman and Alan Moore.

This work tackles the potent subject of Child Abuse in a way that only art can. Interleaving a contemporary tale, albeit from the 1990’s, with the story of Beatrix Potter this isn’t preachy or frightening and explores every facet of the subject and its aftermath.

If you are paying attention you can learn a lot about a great many things. There is so much gently layered into this sophisticated work and it deftly balances things both hard and joyful to read.

The art is spectacular with each panel crammed with vibrant, realistic detail and wonderful life and emotion. All the scenes and images bring this story and its turbulent emotions to life. Lush and epic vistas of the Lake District, London in all its forms, and real people. The lighting and colouring is extraordinary and pack just as much punch as the words.

There is an extensive Afterword from Talbot and, unusually, a long credit list as most of the characters were drawn from life. There is also an introduction from writer Stephen Gallagher.

Double Thumbs Up!!