Cancertown: Blasphemous Tumors – Cy Dethan

Cancertown Blasphemous TumorsCancertown was one of those works, like Star Wars, that doesn’t need a sequel. But like Star Wars the sequel actually works. Although things were neatly wrapped up in the first book and new characters have appeared out of nowhere this does stand up as more than just a cash-in.

There is a new art team but they seem to be respectful to the original ideas. Some of the panels are bigger and bolder and there isn’t as much breadth to the style but you still get the idea you are in the same world.

If you don’t read this you won’t be disappointed. If you do read this you won’t be disappointed either. It’s a win-win situation.

Thumbs Up!

Cancertown: An Inconvenient Tooth – Cy Dethan

CancertownA man has access to a world that may or may not be real. Grant Morrison’s the Filth or Clive Barker’s Nightbreed are similar sorts of dual world stories but you can see its roots go back to Alice in Wonderland.

Although the protagonist might remind you of John Constantine, in look and feel, he develops his own identity and being British you grow to like him.

This book does a good job of balancing mystery, bizarre settings and eager pacing. It drags you through the bumpy disorientation of entering a world that makes no sense and gives you enough breadcrumbs to believe you are uncovering its truths for yourself.

The art is great with firm inking for the real world and ragged pencils for the nightmare locations. Flashbacks, exposition and hallucinations all get their own style so you can see or feel something is wrong or different before you get told about it. Even the lettering has the occasional sparkle.

Some strong ideas passionately implemented by a new creative team.

Thumbs Up!