Rising Stars Compendium Volume 1 – J. Michael Straczynski Fiona Avery

Rising Stars CompendiumAs this contains all of the original series and the spinoffs it’s hard to imagine why it is marked as Volume One. Everything you need for the whole of Rising Stars is contained in this massive doorstop including a comprehensive cover gallery.

This is the softback version so your spine will end up cracking no matter how careful you are. Even the cover is no thicker than a normal TPB. If you are a collector go for the hardback. If you want a cheap and easy way to experience this series then this is all you need.

Thumbs Up!

Rising Stars Volume 5: Untouchable – Fiona Avery

Rising Stars 5

This is a competent little tale that fleshes out the backstory of one of the named characters from the original story. It doesn’t add anything to the Rising Stars mythos and you won’t be missing anything if you don’t read it.

The art has the same high gloss ethos as the original series and eschews anything too dynamic or innovative. There is a lot of narration and talking heads but you are used to that by now.

Thumbs Up!

Rising Stars Volume 4 – Fiona Avery

Rising Stars 4Rather than attempt the disastrous task of continuing the story past its definitive ending this volume presents two spin-offs that focus on individual characters. We have three issues about Matthew Bright’s days as a cop and Lionel Zerb’s communication with the dead.

These have been written intelligently and with reverence for the original source material and timeline but don’t compare to the epic story Straczynski was telling. There are some interesting techniques used but the Zerb story wanders all over the place as if being written as it was published.

The art and colouring is excellent. It is vibrant and detailed and even the lettering gets the odd flourish.

If you can’t get enough of the Specials then check it out otherwise you won’t miss anything vital.

Thumbs Up.