Redfox: Book Two – Harrier Comics

Redfox 2

This book you’ve never heard of has praise from Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett, Mary Gentle and others. It grows in style and confidence from the first book and zips along at quite a pace.

The art becomes bolder and in some cases a little psychedelic. As does the story. The inking is more confident and the layouts in particular get shaken up.

If you enjoyed the first book then definitely pick this up. This is Redfox’s final bow.

Thumbs Up!

Redfox: Book One – Harrier Comics

Redfox 1Is this your Dad’s Rat Queens? Is this Red Sonja with the Benny Hill music in the background? Sort of.

Written in the 1980’s when Dungeons & Dragons was still being played on graph paper and the legacy of Robert E Howard was still very much influential this is an old skool fantasy. It isn’t about an end-of-the-world calamity but a character’s journey, both physical and emotional.

The art is pure black and white line art that was typical of fantasy illustration and comics of the period and will invoke real nostalgia in many. There is a sequence that is fully rendered and shaded pencil however and you can see just how talented the artist really is. There is also a Brian Bolland cover whose full colours look superb.

Decades before titles like Empowered and Bomb Queen this was the underground fightback against the chainmail bikini sexism of the medium. It’s witty and funny, goes against the stereotypes of the period and is an engaging read.

Thumbs Up!