Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser: Book 1 – Howard Chaykin

Fafhrd and the Grey MouserThis volume, of which I believe there are no more, adapts Fritz Leiber’s award winning tale Ill Met in Lankhmar. Very much in the sword and sorcery tradition of Robert E Howard this abridgement clips along at a fair old pace. It looks very thin but is so stuffed with dialogue it is a dense but flowing read.

There is a lot of world-building that is accomplished without the need for tedious prologues or narration, and also the emergence of some wonderful characters. Unusually for this type of fiction there are strong and independent women unafraid to speak their minds or chastise the male protagonists.

The art isn’t particularly deep or sophisticated. There are plenty of plain backgrounds, but the colour choices evoke the feel of the dank and treacherous city of Lankhmar.

Thumbs Up!