Xombie Reanimated – James Farr

It’s hard to imagine a more unlikely team-up. Take a streetwise purple-haired teenage girl and pair her up with tough as nails wisecracking sentient zombie and voila you have instant buddy movie. It works in the same way as T2 works with Arnie and the young John Connor.

It’s a very funny book with lots of great lines and gags but at the same time a dramatic story with enough food for thought to keep your brain chewing. The art style is very Saturday morning cartoon (think Kim Possible) but it really works. In the back of the book there are variant covers with the toonish and the more realistic art side by side and I found myself preferring the stylised version every time.

You can easily imagine this as an animated series and it was no surprise to learn that it was an online comic in the beginning. It’s got that flash animation feel to it. Check out the original cartoons on the web. The art has been polished since its humble beginnings in 2003 and apparently there is a novel that serves as the precursor to this story although you can easily jump right in and have fun like I did. Just as you think you’ve seen it all in terms of zombieness along comes Xombie. Double Thumbs Up!


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