Dominion: The Last Sacrifice – Joe Hart & Stuart Moore

This is an odd volume. It starts off as the lovechild of Y: The Last Man and Bitch Planet presenting a world where female births stop so women become an endangered gender. It has a dark tone as the world goes to hell in a handbasket in something approaching The Road.

You have a strong female lead and some neat little twists but just as it is getting going you realise the whole thing has either been an advert for, or a cash-in for, a novel series. Literally the last story page is an advert. And then after that you have ten pages previewing a different graphic novel. The whole thing seems blatantly money-grabbing.

The art is fine and the black bordered panels give a sense of menace and jeopardy throughout. It is printed on gloss paper for sharp crisp images.

Disappointing because it could have been so much more. No Thumbs Up!