Fishtown – Kevin Colden

FishtownHere is the story of four teenagers that commit a murder. It isn’t too concerned with the how or why but uses this shocking act as a window into their lives. It is based on a true story but you don’t know how far that goes. It is told in an interesting way as a series of talking head recollections by the juveniles themselves.

It is more about the theme and tone and how tales are told than a traditional drama. Its leisurely pace allows you plenty of time to play detective and sink into the mind of these troubled people. It’s very “indie.”

The art is more artistic than realistic. It uses blue and yellow almost exclusively, save for the blood red. Detail is applied sparingly and when it appears is intentionally overdrawn. These interesting techniques give a weird feeling of heightened reality.

Certainly an odd piece. Quick to read, persistent in thought.

Thumbs Up!