Mirabilis: Spring Issue One – Dave Morris & Leo Hartas

Title_MIRABILISUnfortunately the demise of Mirabilis’ publisher meant the story has stalled with no continuation in sight. The first issue of the next volume which was completed before this disaster is available free online. http://www.freado.com/read/14047/mirabilis-season-two-spring

The second story arc begins In Medias Res and features two unknown characters prominently. At least you think they are unknown. There are familiar characters who tie you to the existing story and gently nudge the timeline on however. This is a nice gentle beginning to the second season but sadly concludes before it gets going.

The art is superb as always. As this is a digital comic it appears full bleed so you get a chance to study the background that would normally be cut off in book form. These are used wonderfully with their colours chosen to match the panels they are hosting. A lot of the time they will graduate between palettes using digital techniques superbly.

This is something that deserves to continue. Thumbs Up!

Mirabilis: Winter Volume Two – Dave Morris & Leo Hartas

Mirabilis 2The excitement and adventure continues but the supernatural elements take a back seat in favour of mystery and romance. We have an Around the World in 80 Days vibe and an almost Tintinesque thriller aspect to things. People in black hats and moustaches (who are terribly foreign) are up to no good.

There is a lot crammed into this book however and it is a real page turner with plenty of action. For the most part you are left to solve the mysteries yourself and the clues and trail are carefully laid for you to follow.

The art is astoundingly good with incredible colours. This is the archetypal visual feast and you have no idea how they could cram any more vibrancy in. The book goes from snowy Transylvania to balmy Constantinople with ease. You can feel the atmosphere radiating from the page.

The book has shifted down to paperback and you undoubtedly miss the oversized art and more comfortable binding.

A worthy Thumbs Up!

Mirabilis: Winter Volume One – Dave Morris & Leo Hartas

Mirabilis 1This is a fantastic work that weaves a whimsical and fantastical tale of wonder. Set at the turn of the Twentieth Century a comet sees magic and the supernatural return to England in a “year of wonders.”

This combines a decidedly British dose of romantic Victoriana with youthful Roald Dahl magic. It does have a childlike spirit but despite the young protagonists this isn’t exclusively a children’s book. A reader of any age will find pleasure and excitement in this tale. There are lots of delightful touches for the older or wiser reader.

The art is superb. Like Raymond Briggs but more vibrant and chromatic. Because of the period much use is made of candles and gas lamps and through digital colouring these produce marvellous effects. The panels are the straight edge variety but the variable sizes and frequent extrusions make it come alive.

The oversize hardback format makes a real difference to the spectacle of the book. With plenty of insert pages between chapters this book has the lavish feel it deserves.

Double Thumbs Up for ideas and execution.