The Pitt – John Byrne & Mark Gruenwald

What the hell did I just read? Was it an issue zero for an established series? A debut issue for a new series? Or a crazy novella from some publisher with more money than sense.

An otherworldly explosion destroys Pittsburgh and three separate protagonists get caught up in it. Or a ghost, a colonel and a woman with a robot-suit walk into a crater…

A bit of research reveals that this is a one-shot spinoff from the comic Star Brand published in the 1980s. You get to see three separate characters, only two of whom meet each other, and see how they get caught up in this disaster. One has a giant robot suit and one is a disembodied psychic entity but that is neither here nor there.

The dialogue is perhaps the most striking feature. Written and set in the late 80’s it really feels like something from much earlier. Who drives an automobile? Who traverses places? Who dresses in a trench-coat and fedora anyway?

The art is old-school 4 colour Marvel comics. The panels are fixed and straight but there is the occasional bleed and good use of full page images. There is a text monologue from one character at the start and a bookend by another at the end. There is also a technical schematic of the explosion that destroys Pittsburgh as a sort of appendix.

Missing out on the previous and subsequent works in this line I am so out of context there is nothing for me to latch onto so it has to be No Thumbs.


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