Ptolus: City by the Spire – Monte Cook

Fiction tends to work best when based on original ideas. Creating works from existing films or games constrains imagination. Even a roleplaying game setting isn’t as open as you might think. With just a few short issues to cram in an entirely new fantasy world with gods, magic, steampunk, conspiracies, and monsters there isn’t as much room for strong story or more importantly character development as there needs to be.

The art is fair with some genuine attempts at a cinematic style. The colours are rich and vibrant and used intelligently. The whole thing does seem a bit too processed in places and is probably all digital. You can see different artists were used for different issues but it doesn’t spoil the read.

This isn’t bad, despite clunky dialogue and indistinct narration, and there are some fresh ideas here, but it just feels like a second-hand account of someone’s Sunday night D&D game. If you are familiar with the setting, or alternatively you would like to be, then this gets a Thumbs Up!


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