Wyrms – Orson Scott Card

WyrmsThese Earwigs will promote the healing process. This is typical of the impenetrable jibber jabber contained in this book. You know when things start off with a glossary and character list in the introduction it isn’t a good sign.

This is basically a butchered abridgement of a dense high-concept science fiction tome set to pictures. In about 500 pages of text you could, hopefully, get across the themes, questions, setting and message of this work. In under 200 of script you can’t. Think of this as the trailer for the book, but dubbed into a foreign language.

The art is fine, with good colouration, but overly busy framing and jaunty panel structure. But the pictures never tell the story, they are merely a visual soundtrack. With so many ideas and high concepts you would think the pictures would be working as hard as the words. What a shame.

This might have been based on a good book but this has been so condensed and abridged you can’t tell and are just glad when it ends. I had to force myself to keep reading a number of times.

Thumbs Down!