Don Quixote: Volume Two – Rob Davis

Don Quixote 2Just as he did in literature Don Quixote returns to life through the skilful words and pictures of Rob Davis. By being faithful to the source material and seeking to capture and convey the spirit of Cervantes work this is another hit. We admire and pity both Quixote and Panza through their trials and discoveries and that is testament to the calibre of this work.

The art, layout and colouration is just as bold and beautiful as the first volume. The side quests are depicted with variety and thoughtful design and the colours are gorgeously emotive.

No question, this is truly a Thumbs Up!

Don Quixote: Volume One – Rob Davis

Don Quixote 1Don Quixote was, and still is, a literary classic. ‘Timeless’ is a very strong word but in cases such as this it is well deserved. A lot could go wrong with a graphic novel of such a historical work but all attempts to modernise or simplify the piece have been rejected. Davis is extremely faithful to the spirit and the message and maintains the conceit that this is a retelling of actual events rather than a fiction.

The art, layout and colouration is bold and timeless. It appears hand drawn and is coloured using a reduced palette making the work seem older than it actually is. As the tale spins off into sub-plots the art style changes assisting the differentiation in narrative most appropriately.

Double Thumbs Up!