Iraq: Operation Corporate Takeover – Sean Michael Wilson

There is no doubt that corporate greed and malpractice is a worthy cause to publicise. A graphic novel would be an excellent way to do it too. Unfortunately this is only a half hearted attempt to use the medium.

It starts well with a man returning to his family in Iraq from England. He learns of the poor situation there and starts to write a blog. It then becomes statistics heavy, then we tangent off into Israel, and we no longer care about the characters involved. This is propaganda. Fair play for being intelligent, artistic and even necessary but it could have been so much more.

It is published by the campaign organisation War on Want and there are ten pages of text about them and the work they are involved in. As a recruitment tool this is certainly one of the best. As a graphic novel then this falls a little short. With such sophisticated titles as Exit Wounds and How to Understand Israel in 60 Days or Less showing us the subtle route to education and information we know it can be done.

The art is black and white and really good making great use of tiny panels of random details that would stick in your mind if you were a stranger visiting Iraq. There are some fine silhouettes too. The lettering changes when transitioning from fiction to facts and there is a nicely stylised sequence of a public demonstration.

Because of its important content it just scrapes in as a Thumbs Up!


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