Runaways 10: Rock Zombies – Terry Moore

Well Moore lasted longer than Whedon. But not by much. This tiny four issue volume contains two and half stories. Two and a snake battle truth or dare to be exact. Not even the X-men can save it.

The art has gone from cartoon-ish to full blown cartoon. Definitely not the high quality or detailed work we have seen previously. But the lightness of the style matches the paper thin storylines.

No Thumbs.

Runaways 9: Dead Wrong – Terry Moore

The golden age is over. No comics publisher can ever let things go out on a high so this is title is dusted off and given to an entirely new team.

The premise isn’t bad but the series appears to have been re-pitched for a younger audience. Moore deals with the characters enthusiastically but he is inheriting other people’s creations. And who can live up to Vaughn and Whedon.

The biggest shock is the art. We have gone from a consistent style that lasted 8 volumes to some hyperactive fusion of emo and cartoon. It is similar to that of Chew and isn’t an unpleasing style but it is definitely not what we have been used to.

It’s not a nosedive and if you are a fan then it is worth persevering with.

Thumbs Up!